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Barriers and benefits to Medicine adherence in a pandemic

  Benefits & Barriers to Medical Adherence Hi, my name is Garvan Lynch and I am a community pharmacist, working in Douglas, Cork city for nearly 20 years. I am going to start with an observation on the healthcare industry today. The advances in medical science and research in the last 20 years has been nothing short of miraculous. Today, we have the best trained Medical professionals, researcher scientists and medical technologists ever in history, with instant access to their colleagues and global research, further more we have access to the very latest advances in medical diagnostic tolls, medical technology and big data, that is truly stunning. (And the creation of The COVID vaccine is a case in point, 12 months from start to finish, must be considered one of medical sciences, if not sciences greatest achievements).  But surprisingly, this explosion in progress in research has not spilled over into medicine adherence. The world health organisation reported in 2003 that med

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